Broom Wagon Coffee

Waffles, Toast, & Specialty Coffee in Charleston, SC

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Broom Wagon Coffee

1630 Ashley Hall Road, Charleston, South Carolina 29407, United States



Monday - Friday: 7am - 3pm

Saturday: 8am - 3pm

Sunday: Closed

More Hours Coming Soon!

About Us

Our Coffee

We're a micro-batch, specialty coffee roaster and Café in Charleston, South Carolina. Our main focus is on sourcing and roasting amazing, single-origin coffees from around the world and sharing them with you. As a small, family-based roastery, we take great care to ensure that every cup you brew showcases each coffee’s maximum potential. We desire to create coffees that will bring people together, inspire them, and give them joy. To us, coffee isn’t just a revitalizer when you’re in need of a bit more speed but also a culinary adventure to be shared over long-forgotten memories or on the way to making new ones. 

Our Name

While we love coffee, we also share our passion with cycling. Our name pays homage to the historic staple that follows the riders along their route in many races. The broom wagon was first introduced in the 1910 Tour de France as a support vehicle displaying an iconic broom above the driver’s cab. It is still a common fixture in cycling races that is always ready to pick up struggling riders or encourage them to the finish. Like the broom wagon, we’re here to help you stay in the race and enjoy the ride.